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Terms And Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your booking with Be In McGregor (BBB).

  1. A 50% deposit of the Rental is payable upon reservation of the Property and the balance is payable 2 days prior to arrival into the Bank Account.
  2. Payment of the Deposit, shall be deemed to be acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and secures the reservation.
  3. Upon arrival at the Property, the Guest and his Invitees are requested to take careful note of the Special Instructions. The Guest is at all times during the Rental Period responsible for his Invitees and shall ensure that the Property is used with due consideration, care and respect and in compliance with any rules and/or guidelines as set out in the Special Instructions.
  4. Cannot succeed maximum occupancy of stated total number at all times.
  5. Any loss or damage to the Owner’s fixtures, fittings, equipment or movables shall be determined solely by BBB and shall be paid for by the Guest on demand. Upon departure please notify BBB of any such losses or breakages failing which, BBB shall determine same and the Guest will be liable for such losses. Guests will be liable for any damages caused by baboons (to the interior of the house), if due to their negligence.
  6. The Guest and his invitees shall occupy and/or visit the Property at their own risk. The Owner and/or BBB shall not be held liable for personal injury or death of the Guest including his Invitees or any loss/theft/damages to the property of the Guest or his Invitees that may occur during the Guest’s stay on, or about the Property, howsoever arising. The Guest hereby indemnifies the Owner and BBB in respect of all claims for personal injury or death to the Guest and/or his Invitees or loss or damage to property belonging to the Guest or his Invitees during the Guest’s stay at the Property.
  7. Any swimming pool situated on the Property, shall be used at the sole risk of the Guest and/or his Invitees who should ensure that children are supervised at all times.
  8. The Guest hereby indemnifies and holds the Owners and BBB harmless in the event of any claim arising in respect of clauses 5-7 above.
  9. Should the Property, for reasons beyond the control of the Owner and/or BBB and
    not by any fault of the Guest, be unfit for occupation during the Rental Period then the Guest shall receive a refund limited to the period that the Property could not be occupied and no further compensation shall be paid by the Owner and/or BBB to the Guest as a result thereof.
  10. The Owner and BBB reserve the right to cancel the booking at any time before or during the Rental Period should the Guest and/or his Invitees, in the Owner or BBB’s sole discretion, conduct themselves or treat the Property in an inappropriate manner including causing disturbance to neighbours.
  11. Should the Guest cancel:
    11.1. no less than 60 days prior to the commencement of the Rental Period, BBB will refund the Guest 50% of the Deposit;
    11.2. within 60 days of the Rental Period, the Guest forfeits the Deposit; or
    11.3. within 30 days of the Rental Period, the Guest will pay the full Rental.


Bank Account means the bank account, designated by BBB to the Guest into which the payments will be made;
BBB” means Be in McGregor, its employees agents and contractors, being the Owner’s letting agent in respect of the Property;
Deposit” means the deposit to be paid in terms of clause 1.
He means he/she as the case may be;
Guest means the individual renting the Property from the Owner for the Rental Period;
Invitees” means all family members, friends, visitors and invitees of the Guest;
Owner” means the owner of the Property;
Property” means the property under rental;
Rental” means the consideration agreed upon and confirmed in writing by BBB;
Rental Period means the period that the Guest has agreed to rent the Premises; and
Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions which are deemed to have been accepted by the Guest upon payment of the Deposit.